Helmholtz Resonance
= most effective way of acoustic correction in the field of human voice

Waterresistant MDF
Easy to maintain

Made-to-measure possible

Scratch- and shockproof

Wide range
of top layers

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Our range of acoustic panels is developped to absorb and reduce all kinds of disturbing noises in rooms. In this way a better acoustic comfort is realised, even in thos areas with a lot of people and noise. The acoustic absorbing panels of Print Acoustics can be found in a wide range of applications: offices, meeting and presentation rooms, public buildings, education, health care, leisure and sports, .... The panels, doors and freestanding elements are used in a variety of applications. Disc..

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About Print Acoustics

Print Acoustics, a division of Triplaco, is specialised in the development,..

Print Acoustics, a division of Triplaco, is specialized in the development, production and delivery of acoustic absorbing panels, doors and freestanding elements. Our solutions, standard or made-to-measure, are used in a wide variety of applications. We work together with architects, installors and builders to design the most suitable solution for every application. These acoustic systems combine a core in MDF with a top layer in Print HPL of Abet Laminati, veneer, coating, woven vinyl or digital print and a glass spun fabric on the back or in the center. Triplaco is the specialist in the distribution of print HPL laminates, panels for interior and exterior applications, solid surface PRAL and Brilliant panels, but is also known for its fronts, surface glueing, postforming and subcontracting.


Acoustics products in historic buildings

In the historic building of the Van Caeneghem institute , ARCH & TECO preferred  acoustics panels of Print acoustics  Typa N  (Nanoperforated) in Wood veneer Walnut of Decospan  for correction of reverberation